Creating a new corporate website!

Web design does not have to be always innovative. The best Web Design at the end is the one which best meets your business purpose.

Therefore, the decision for the right web design agency is one of the most important for you and your business. We have client who had quite bad experience by choosing a wrong agency. Some paid a lot more than usual, but still a very poor quality was delivered. Unfortunately, we see this happening too often. Some of website often can not be edited because cms and site structure they used, in most of cases they are not subsequently aligned to be easily found in search engines. Continue Reading →

Get The Best Web Design Quote in Zurich.

To create and maintain a good Website is usually quite expensive. Nevertheless, a website in today’s age of Web 2.0 is essential, much more customers can be reached or acquired. Therefor MIK Agency has created an offer package that is ideal for even small budget which can be extended flexibly at any time. And the best part is that no start investments are necessary. This is MIK Agency’s offer by far the best web design offer throughout Zurich! Continue Reading →

Top Web brands for 2015

MIK Agency is here to present the Web Designs Trends for 2015. This year 2015 will be a good opportunity for developer and Web Technologies in general. Based on that what people like and want to look on their Web Sites , some of the trends progressed and will go even further in 2015, some will reinvented and other Web Technologies will disappear. Bellow you have a list of trends for this year.

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