Creating a new corporate website!

Web design does not have to be always innovative. The best Web Design at the end is the one which best meets your business purpose.

Therefore, the decision for the right web design agency is one of the most important for you and your business. We have client who had quite bad experience by choosing a wrong agency. Some paid a lot more than usual, but still a very poor quality was delivered. Unfortunately, we see this happening too often. Some of website often can not be edited because cms and site structure they used, in most of cases they are not subsequently aligned to be easily found in search engines.

Web design and analytics experts of MIK Agency show you when is the right time to take wise steps to go and renew your website!

  1.  The website is not up to date. There have passed since your last redesign over 2 years.
  2. The site is difficult to maintain. Outdated damage your search ranking.
  3. The website is not available. It is difficult to use them and it is not responsive for smart phones.
  4. High competition in your industry. Your company needs to stand the competition or it falls back. The companies range on the Internet is international. Pay attention to your concurrence on the Internet.
  5. The site does not correspond to current marketing campaigns. Brand consistency is very important. If your website does not show most recent logo, there are not the proper colors are it has an old or outdated slogans, then this will work against you.
  6. You did not present the newest products or services. Do not miss the chance to inform your audience about your latest news and deals.
  7. Involvement of social media. The links to your social media pages are missing on your website, and your audience can not find them anywhere.
  8. Your content is outdated. Your website’s content is not updated. New videos, blogs, slideshows and podcasts are an excellent way to increase your online presence and to tell the story of your business.

If your website has one or more of these problems and you want to bring your website to the next level, please feel free to contact our team at any time at