Top Web brands for 2015

MIK Agency is here to present the Web Designs Trends for 2015. This year 2015 will be a good opportunity for developer and Web Technologies in general. Based on that what people like and want to look on their Web Sites , some of the trends progressed and will go even further in 2015, some will reinvented and other Web Technologies will disappear. Bellow you have a list of trends for this year.

1.Responsive design
Responsive designs show the growing trend towards a heavy use of mobile and we know 2015 is just the beginning of a mobile boom. Responsive Web design has become the defecto standard for the web development and effectively displaying the same content differently across devices. Responsive web design is a new approach to web design that enables web designers to build a single website to serve to all kinds of devices from computer to smart phones. As more and more people go mobile, having a responsive design is crucial. According to many reports mobile devices will become dominant global internet platform.

2. Interactive scrolling –Parallax Scrolling
Modern web development interactive offers clean and fluid navigation, it and enhances the designer’s ability to develop a linear narrative, within a site. With solid creative concepts and top-notch development these new trends websites offer dynamic, interactive experiences. Users are able to navigate, discover and explore through the simple means of scrolling. Parallax Scrolling is used to catch the attention of visitors, showcase products in 3D. Additional benefits of infinite scrolling pages include decreases page load time and its mobile friendly design.

3. Large typography
Typography was very important in many site designs. The challenge of the 2015 is to see large headings and typography getting even larger. Large typography is likely going to be key in 2015 as a way to enhance the visual hierarchy of the page by ensuring visitors read the largest type on the page first, because that is what grabs our attention first. You can also expect to see advances in responsive typography. This will allow users to not only be able to read text clearly on any devices, but also to experience it as you would on any larger, standard desktop. Now designers have access to much more reasonably priced quality fonts with web-kits.

4. Videos in the Background of Web-Pages
In web-pages there are many methods by which videos can be embedded in HTML pages and a number of brands have already included this element in their web design. In 2015 have several types of websites coming up with innovative design methods; you would definitely prefer a website which is compact of properly adjusted with proper contents. Every internet client would love to be able to browse through such sites. People prefer watching over reading. One cool way to produce better results online is integrating videos on the websites and reducing text.

5. The rise of Animation
Animated images –known as GIFs have been around for 25 years, but this year certainly we will see more video backgrounds, animated GIFs and simple icon animations. But best of all we’re seeing more and more Ui and driven animation. From CSS transitions and transform to JS Libraries, tools like GreenShock are helping the world to post –Flash animations evolve very quickly. Today, GIFs are playing an increasingly important role in breaking news on the web, telling stories through photojournalism and giving us new ways to express our emotions when we can’t do it in person.

6. Speed and Performance
Everyone is motivated by the speed to make sites load faster and consume less time. Most of the trends discussed in this issue and to find ways to quickly load the site for those using mobile or tablet devices. Responsive web design has helped bring to light these concerns. Things like slow network speed and device type have forced designers and developers alike to pay attention to the size of their files and sites, how fast those sites load on different speed networks. It will be no surprise that the need to be faster and perform on many new websites among 2015 will happen as soon as possible.

7. Microinteactions
Microinteracions is containing an experience that a user has with a website that revolves around a single use case. Maybe you have noticed those little pop-up windows that interrupt your blog reading about 70% of the way through a page. This microinteractions promotes an increase in user engagement, which in this particular case means more emails signups. In 2015 we will see more and more microinreractions much more sophisticated than others. The goal is to interaction and integrated part of user experience.

8. The rise of material Design
New trends for material design don’t expect to disappear in 2015. Quite the biggest trend of 2014 is only going to gain momentum in 2015.
Two main reasons:
-Flat design is so focused on minimalist principles, sites appear clutter-free and content focused.
-Flat design is less clunky and much easier for a web server to deliver to devices Smartphone’s and tablets.
The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.

9.Ghost Buttons
Ghost buttons are new favorite web element. Ghost buttons are minimal, attractive, and more often than not, they incorporate a very subtle hover animation. These buttons are enough to make any designer swoon. Although you may find buttons on a wide variety of websites, they aren’t appreciating for all sites. They are best suited to websites and applications that have a minimalist or flat user interface or those which use large- scale photo background.

10. Content Marketing
Content marketing is bigger than ever. Most of the businesses have gotten the message that content creation and publication are the cornerstones of a content marketing strategy. Many websites have a very weak, bad content, are not kept up to date and mostly are not relevant for their own targeted audience. As a web design agency, we have to schedule the content in the design process. Therefore, a company in 2015 needs a content strategy to publish quality content on the company website or the company blog.


The many of website design trends in 2014 will continue to up ante in 2015, but there are some new ones as well. For example responsive went from a possible solution to a design problem, to a trend, to a new standard. Many products are improved and optimized to new trends. It is important to us to introduce new product launches and to familiarize with new trends for 2015. Most of all, we think the future of these trends will be decided by how far we push them in months to come.

Have you had experience with these trends? If so, choose your favorite idea and bring it forward with our agency