Online Marketing


Goals SEOThe goal of online marketing is to attract more visitors to your website. In a second step, these visitors are converted to potential customers, which get in touch with you via contact form, by phone or chatting on the website. We ensure this through the onsite optimization of your website, in the so-called call-to-action as part of your content.


Effective MarketingAs an online marketing agency in Zurich we are safe for optimizing your website, compliant and yet very efficient. Combined online marketing campaigns lead to better searchability in search engines so we can bring visitors completely for certain Keywords targeted to your company website.


Responsive DesignOnline marketing covers actions of marketing on the Internet. Through the online marketing of MIK Agency your website will get more attention and interest. We promise increased visitor frequency and higher conversion rates.
MIK Agency offers you a wide range of online marketing activities for your website, both to retain existing customers and to attract new customers.


toolsThanks to Google AdWords you can reach your target group and only pay for website visitors who have clicked on your ads. You can either advertise locally (for example, in the canton of Zurich), national (Switzerland Wide) or international advertise. You can do this with a relatively low budget to increase your website visitor numbers, to increase online sales, get more calls and be always present to your audience.


seo analyseSearch engines like Google are the key to new customers, you know that, we are your partner for top positions. About 75% of the Swiss use search engines every day, in other words, the one who is not optimized loses, because users usually observe only the top positions and the 2nd page is rarely checked.


AdwordsSearch Engine Marketing ( SEM = Search Engine Marketing) is to be highly recommended to come alongside SEO (search engine optimization) to fast attract many visitors, who look exactly for your service or your product, because search engine marketing with Google AdWords is exactly predictable, measurable and also with reasonable budget set.

Thanks to our expertise, you can benefit from advertising exactly to your target groups, thus you save the costs, because we minimize the divergence loss. So we turn to Google AdWords various advertisements for you, these are tested, optimized and updated always around the optimum results from your set budget. The ads appear either in the search results of Google search engine on the right side or above on the organic search results.


ReportA business blog serves as a professional action of communication on the Internet. In order to inform your customers and potential customers about the news in business, post job vacancies or publish press releases. Many large companies possess their own Business blog already beside the firm website as part of their online marketing campaign.

We help you to manage this blog, write articles for you and maintain the content. We give a lot of attention the right communication in the style of your company. The blog will be used for marketing purposes and also search engine optimization so that you can attract new visitors and get potential new customers. A professional business blog can improve your business image and strengthen customer loyalty.