Search Engine Marketing – How Can I Utilize It For My Company

Search Engine Marketing  is a term commonly used to describe both PPC and SEO but also often used synonymously with PPC marketing.  So what is PPC Marketing ? Pay-Per-Click Marketing is also known as “paid search” marketing) – an advertising channel on search engines where businesses/individuals may bid on keywords that consumers use in searches.

Almost all forms of advertising costs money but the good thing about PPC  is that it’s one of the most accountable and measurable forms of marketing.

So create a budget you’re comfortable with, start spending money to buy traffic and get the best ROI you ever had.

The process of acquiring a customer on a major search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo  typically follows this patterns:

  • People search on Google/Bing/Yahoo  for a certain product or services and views search results with ads.
  • They see your ads (in position #1) for the keyword that they are searching for and click on it.
  • They check your website and decide in seconds if the click was worthwhile and if he/she should stick around.

Here are some Tips for your business PPC Campaigns:

  1. When creating ads for your business your primary objective should be choosing the right keywords, keeping in mind the user queries and thinking of their intentions.  So there will a be high potential to convert (buy, sign-up, etc.)
  2. Do not use low search volume keywords. Keep same rule of 2-3 ads per adgroup.
  3. Try to create more than one version of your ad. The risk of running only one ad is that the success or failure of your entire paid search test rests on one single ad.
  4. Be particular on using ad descriptions. It should clearly relate to the keyword, search terms and landing page.
  5. Make sure to create a high quality and relevant Landing page because if users navigate through any additional pages to find what they’re looking for.  They may easily hit the close button and look somewhere else.
  6. Look at the option for running display campaigns if you need to do the branding as well.
  7. Keep an eye on mobile device performance and make ads specifically targeting them.

If you are running a business than you must be aware of the fact that it is more important that how you spend than how much you spend in marketing, you must develop a proper strategy before launching the campaigning.

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