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Client: Showconnection
Headline: Learn how MIK Agency SEO program and website redesign helped increase year-over-year organic search for ShowConnection.

SEO Case Study- Showconnection
Project Overview
ShowConnection is an event planning company which designed and executed exceptional events since 1985, from private parties to corporate events and non-profit fundraisers, they bring distinctive inspiration to everything they do. ShowConnection guarantees services according to your specific needs and desires. They organize unique events for individuals and companies.

Showconnection found MIK Agency on Google while searching for a SEO agency near Rümlang (Zurich). When this company initially contacted us they were very frustrated with their rankings. Needless to say, they were very skeptical and on guard. They had specific questions and goals to be achieved. Their ultimate goal was to beat out their competition by increasing search engine rankings. We scheduled a meeting and it’s been four year since MIK Agency is the Web design & SEO partner of Showconnection.

The Challenge
The SEO challenge that we faced at the beginning of our engagement was the lack of a focused keyword strategy and a site built in a way that was very difficult for search engines to crawl for content. The lack of a focused keyword strategy resulted in a situation in which the few SEO elements that could have potentially aided the site (page titles, Meta descriptions, and internal links from blog posts) were far from effective. In order to develop a solution for both problems, our team collaborated to simultaneously perform deep keyword research and look into advanced technical solutions.

Step 1. Website Ridesign & Development

The strategy that was implemented for ShowConnection was to do a complete “themed” optimization of their web site and implement additional “search engine-friendly” structural elements into the site and increase the site’s link popularity.

MIK Agency proposed a refined navigation that would allow the site to be more easily indexed by search engines while making it as simple as possible for visitors to access the different range of services they offer.

Step 2. Optimize the Site for Search Engines

The process began by deciphering what the best keywords could work with. This was achieved through: Keyword, SEO and search engine ranking tools.

The keywords found were put into tools which then delivered a list of related keywords. Finally, that list was shaved down to quality, non-branded terms that weren’t too highly competitive but at the same time, would still yield a substantial amount of organic traffic. Most importantly, this list was comprised of keywords most likely to be used by those potential customers we was struggling to reach.

Now that a list of generic keywords was completed, the next step was determining where and how to implement within the website. This was done by carefully reviewing the existing structure of the site including page names and titles, as well as the location of those pages.

To dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of the site structure, we also worked on on-site elements for SEO such as:

  • Meta description tags
  • Image alt tags
  • URL page titles
  • Headings

In addition to the organic SEO work, we also launched Google Adwords campaigns for their major markets, assisted with lead management plans, and are advising on social media strategy.

Keyword Rankings Showconnection

Step 3. Content Marketing – Linkbuilding

We identified keywords and assigned the keywords to specific pages in the site. If those pages lacked keyword density to support the keywords, MIK Agency would re-write the content on those pages. We also keep providing the client monthly blogs to keep the site fresh with content.


Backlinks Showconnection
Our link building strategies include theme based high-quality SEO links that Google finds useful. We did a deep research enables us to provide ShowConnection high-quality backlinks from a diverse range of sources. From promoting content to bloggers to using link reclamation techniques to convert online mentions of the brand into editorial links, our expert team has careful, balanced approach to building inbound links to for website.

The world of organic search moves quickly, and strong links are the glue that hold website at the top of the search engines for its target keywords. That’s why we employ a wide range of tactics to build unique, varied links to your website’s homepage and inner pages.

Step 4. Social Media Strategy

Our social media advertising services is the fastest way to generate results on social media. We connected their services to thousands of people. Our agency uses advanced social advertising technology, strategies, and tools that generate extremely low cost acquisition, clicks, and conversions on the website.

We helped ShowConnection to establish trust and build relationships with potential clients. The benefits of using our social media management services consist of increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation. Additional benefits include influenced Google rankings, blog promotions, reputation management, and customer service to current and potential customers.

Facebook Showconnection

We did four things to help them grow on social media:

  • Daily Management & Posts
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Awareness & Follower Growth

We created accounts in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Xing and Instagram to accomplish the brand’s social media objectives. Each social media platform is used differently to connect with potential buyers.

Step 5. Video Marketing

As our role was to help Showconnection build online awareness we also created videos to target potential consumers of the services. We scripted, storyboarded, shot and produced a series of high definition videos for web use and broadcast. Producing online videos provides Showconnection another meaningful way to interact with (and grow) their audiences.

Step 6. Email Marketing

MIK Agency set up a plan featuring six action points of Email Marketing that would help ShowConnection achieve a healthy email marketing strategy:

  • Cleanse invalid contacts
  • Re-engage inactive contacts
  • Segment lists
  • Redevelop email templates
  • Optimize for mobile and tablet devices
  • Review email campaign content and scheduling

From getting blacklisted, we managed to increase our email opens by 80%. We managed to increase the traffic coming from the email campaigns into the brand website by 100.

Newsletter Marketing

Step 7. PPC campaigns

In order to accomplish their goal, they also required us to take over the management of their PPC campaigns in order to improve them while also implementing an aggressive SEO campaign to improve organic search traffic. They also wanted to gain better insight into the performance of specific keywords by analyzing web analytics data. Finally, there was a strong desire to penetrate the “Global search engine landscape” by dominating search engine listings in the Switzerland.

There were two phases to this campaign which ran simultaneously. Our team immediately got to work to make improvements in the PPC campaigns. At the same time, we needed to take quick and impactful steps to improve organic search engine rankings.

Optimization strategies used:

  • Keyword competitive analysis and optimization
  • Linguistic analysis for keyword phrases for Swiss demographics
  • Full-site organic search engine optimization of the code
  • Implement accessibility attributes
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and navigation
  • Aggressive linking campaign
  • Detailed monthly ranking increase reporting metrics
  • Pay-per-click management strategies used

Ad Testing

  • Continuous PPC monitoring
  • 24/7 keyword bid management to monitor spending
  • Prioritizing the best time of day for results to dominate the top search engine listings
  • Web Analytics analysis to measure performance
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Continual refinement of keywords and key phrases

Step 8. Live chat integration

To keep the high customer satisfaction rate, we also decided to open a new way of communication that caters to the very trend. We found it necessary to provide another option for ShowConnection customers and prospective customers to contact them.

The ability to address and answer questions quickly is an important part of providing exceptional customer service. And finally this is where they get their last client, by the desktop live chat integrated on their website.

LiveChat Showconnection

Impact and Results

The website of ShowConnection is now very easy to navigate and user-friendly from all devices as well as with all browsers and screen resolutions. The Company now is very easy found on the Internet. The text contents are now much more aligned with the customer and its benefits.

After the content was optimized, and implemented, the website experienced a dramatic improvement in organic search visibility. Now we have 11 keywords in top 3 results ranked in Google. As the number of qualified visitors to the site improved, the number of leads increased accordingly.

ShowConnection is already generating a much higher customer flow on the Internet!
The result are very satisfied for the customer, so we continue working for him, lately we crated two other websites, so we grow the chances to get more clients:

Keywords Rankings

Client Feedback

Ronnie Scholom
Ronnie Scholom

I’ve been an Event Organizer professional for over 30 years and can honestly say that Valon and his team is the first SEO Company that gets it. They get my business, understand my competition and have innovative ideas to help my company grow. Working with them I feel like they work with me; I’m not just another client. They deliver strong results and are never too busy to talk with me. I’ve seen my business steadily grow every month since hiring MIK Agency.

The team came in with a proactive internet marketing strategy that included a re-designing of website, SEO, Maps Optimization and Social Media Strategy. Since getting started with them we have seen a significant increase in our placement on the search engines and hold the TOP SPOT for “Event Firma” as well as a number of other highly competitive event agency keywords in our area. If you are looking to take your business to the next level online then I would highly recommend MIK team. It’s been three years to be working with them and I am look forward to having a long standing working relationship.