ParkEasy – Case Study

Client: Park Easy
Headline: Park Easy Heats up Their Web Presence and Increases Lead x% With MIK Agency

Case Study ParkEasy

Project Overview
Park Easy is new company launched in Zurich, Switzerland which offers car parking services in the Zurich Airport area. Park Easy helps people find a car parking space when traveling abroad. Under you can book a parking online and with a shuttle bus in just 3 minutes you will be directly to the terminal.

From a period of 10 days, the car can be repaired and cleaned during your absence. So you can pick up this again after your return in top condition. The concept was a new one to the Swiss market, and Park Easy realized that it would need a powerful Agency to help it to grow its business. So it turned to MIK Agency.

The Challenge
Park Easy required a new website to be designed and built to promote their new business idea and accelerate their return on investment. Apart from recognizing the importance of creating a new, high quality look and feel, it was essential that the site was built to be Search Engine-friendly and through our SEO skills, drive online engagement, function revenues and parking bookings.
The main challenge of this project was the fact that involves so many different parts, working in close collaboration with each other.

In order to increase traffic and bookings, as a new business they needed to gain even more exposure. Because still there was nothing that would direct clients to them.
To get on the radar, we had to create their website then create a successful SEO strategy to optimize it’s website around their common keywords.

Step 1. Website Design & Development

We had long meetings with Park Easy team in order to gain and have an understanding of their community and their business model. MIK Agency strives to learn as much as possible about client’s business and their customer’s needs in order to work on their web design and other initiatives toward providing a fully superior user experience.

Park Easy straightforward and honest business approach required a website that mirrored their philosophy. Service categories and contact information had to be clearly identified and easily accessible. The new website needed to illustrate a broad list of services while effectively communicating the manner in which those services are carried out.

Style Concepts
Our designer began creating style tiles to hone in on clear visual indicators for the site’s look and feel, achieving a professional tone to match the target audience. The structure was established to leave the users feeling informed.

Booking System
The system integrates with the marketing site to provide trip, availability information, the booking forms for customers, and the bespoke workflow system to smoothly manage all the steps for each client.

MIK created a website and complete database system that allows to:

  • Make bookings
  • Efficiently manage internal processes and systems

Booking System

Bringing it all together
Park Easy underwent a complete brand to compliment that look, MIK Agency crafted a sleek new polished website. From creating custom icons to illustrate the services they offer all in a responsive site design. The result is a simple, directed experience that guides users through the Park Easy value proposition.

Backend System

Step 2. Optimize the Site for Search Engines

Keyword research and search engine ranking tools
In order to develop a solution and optimization their website our team collaborated to simultaneously perform deep keyword research and look into advanced technical solutions.

Keyword Research
Optimization of Website
Now that a list of generic keywords was completed, the next step was determining where and how they needed to be implemented within the website. To dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of the site structure, we also worked on the on-site elements such as:

  • Meta description tags
  • Image alt tags
  • URL page titles
  • Headings

Optimization of Website

Step 3. Social Media Marketing

Build a more engaged social presence
As an online company, using social channels to help increase industry and brand awareness was a natural extension of the marketing team’s existing efforts. Our social media team began by engaging on networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Xing etc.

Increase social referrals to
We implemented our tools to help them manage and measure all of their social media activities and interactions across all channels in order to increase social referrals. Our team worked directly on the social network websites to post content, blogs and engage with the audience and create trust with social proof.

Social Media

Step 4. Content Marketing – Blogging

Content Marketing
The team knew the content would need to re-establish the Park Easy brand as the leading brand with their services. This meant not only properly highlighting products and making it easy for the audience to find them, but adding value by creating good content.
With these goals in mind, the team followed these steps:

  • Created a content strategy document. The document was written as a narrative for ease of discussion.
  • Developed a site map
  • Planned the wireframe navigation
  • Designed and added in the new site

Content Marketing
Create Blog Topics
We provide rich articles every week and keep the brand active on social media profiles. The creation of a blog with regular posts changed the value of the site’s fresh content which is quite important from a SEO standpoint in that it cues search engines to index it. The blog engages customers by encouraging them to share their stories related to the brand such as their first memory of shooting a gun.

Increase Site Engagement

Our goal was to increase bookings of Park Easy by reaching previously untapped clients, interacting with its customer base remained at the heart of its efforts. So through our new content marketing and blogging we started to drive community engagement.

It was important to understand how leads are interacting with the brand throughout the purchase funnel. Depending on business model, it usually takes a series of steps to ultimately convert into a lead. Our Content marketing helped customers through this purchase funnel. The process is always emotionally engaging, fun, and frictionless.

Websites backlinks
Backlinks are very important part of the traffic generation process for two main reasons: Making Google happy. One of the metrics that is important to Google is the amount and quality of backlinks you have directed to your site. The more sites we linked to the site, the more sources of direct traffic they had (people clicking the link to visit your site).

Backlinks Parkeasy

Step 5. Paid Advertising

As a new business Park Easy. Now wished to grow their business and attract a more targeted group of potential customers. So we developed a strategic SEO campaign to increase higher quality natural search traffic, achieve better results from the PPC campaign and develop an integrated online marketing campaign.

Creation & Implementation
Once the strategy was defined the next stage was to ensure that the PPC account is created and structured according to well defined best practices.
We developed and implemented the appropriate PPC strategy, effectively:

  • Building and organizing new text ad campaigns
  • Optimizing campaigns by creating new ads and applying new keyword (and negative keyword) lists.
  • Adjusting bids and managing their budget.

Optimization & Testing
Once the PPC account has been created, the work has only just begun. Ongoing testing and optimization are essential if the the best results are to be achieved.

Results: After 4 months, our client was seeing impressive increases in website traffic,
Transactions, revenue. The Results

The campaign is now running at around a 12% conversion rate and a 7.3% CTR, so the client is not only getting ongoing success from the campaign, but they have reported the kind of bookings and enquiries that they are achieving are offering an excellent return on investment.

Business has massively increased with the implementation of the AdWords Pay Per Click campaign, and we will be rolling out Remarketing over the course of the next few months.

Visitors Park Easy

Clicks Park Easy

Step 6. Conversion optimization

In addition to heuristic analysis, we analyzed the current page using Google Analytics, set up mouse tracking data collection (click data, scroll maps, attention heat maps) in order to improve conversion rate, and creating a structured and systematic approach to improving the performance website.

We wanted to take the traffic we already have and making the most of it. So worked a lot in the following elements:

  • Call to Actions (CTA)
  • Conversion Funnel
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing (MVT)

Impact and Results after 3 months

The Website and SEO strategy of continued, on page SEO and useful content production was a massive success. MIK Agency helped Park Easy attract more website visitors, optimize their content strategy and improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing campaigns.

Park Easy was able to establish authority with a whole new audience while engaging their existing customers with new and valuable information that created brand loyalty.

Statistics Park Easy

Calendar Park Easy

From the first day that the Website has expand their park slots from 30 to 260. Beginning from the next month they will offer more than 500 Park slots. As they business is growing very fast we are creating now 2 reservation forms on the Website. Where Park easy will not only offer the Inside garage slots but also the outside park slots for an even better price.

Keywords Rankings Park Easy

Client Feedback

Sascha Anker
Sascha Anker

We are totally delighted with the general results from the website, and online marketing campaigns. We are are glad we took inboard the recommendation and services of MIK Agency. The results speak for themselves and we are now continuing to work on new areas with the company.