Creating a website is usually a process that needs to be thought through and can not be completed within a single day. Everyone wants to create great designs that are unique, corresponding to the branding guidelines of the companies and which are easily navigable. That’s why it is worth to use so-called mockups.

But what is a mockup? A mockup is a design which aims to make the vision of a future as large as possible detailed in the web page. It is possible to discuss design options in the team, it is fast and makes it easy to create as many versions as you want, and then select the best one. Continue Reading →

B2B Lead Generation – Should I aim for quantity or quality? Why?

Good question, we are often asked. This is really more of a budgeting and bandwidth question than anything else. Everyone wants a boatload of super high quality leads and lots of them however two considerations to keep in mind is that typically, high quality and high quantity often don’t go hand in hand. The best solution is to find a hybrid of the two based upon the budget at hand and what your criteria is for a high quality lead.

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