Creating a website is usually a process that needs to be thought through and can not be completed within a single day. Everyone wants to create great designs that are unique, corresponding to the branding guidelines of the companies and which are easily navigable. That’s why it is worth to use so-called mockups.

But what is a mockup? A mockup is a design which aims to make the vision of a future as large as possible detailed in the web page. It is possible to discuss design options in the team, it is fast and makes it easy to create as many versions as you want, and then select the best one.

This concerns an issue that most programmers and designers have, so the creators of mock-ups.. Not all designs can be converted into 1 1 Code. So, CSS gradients are difficult to implement or even impossible. So , with some Web design agencies (fortunately not with us!), there is consequently a small war between UX designers and programmers. This is intended as a small mention on the edge – with the conclusion that it is advantageous to be lenient in the final implementation. CSS and HTML cannot do absolutely everything what graphic arts programs can!
Now back to the mock-ups. Of course, several tools have been developed up to the present day, making the creation of designs very easy. Below we present the 5 best of them:

1. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is one of the most widely used tools for creating mockups. Because the program saves data in the cloud and it can be easily shared with other participants. There is a downloadable version of the desktop, which provides access to the updated data such as Google drive or dropbox on the desktop. All versions are accessible, to give an overview of the development and different ideas. In addition, using the drag and drop feature the designs can be created extremely quickly.So, you can easily create designs and also discard again. The great thing is that they can be exported to PNG or PDF.
Once the decision has been made on a design, iit can be elaborated in details. .
The cost of tools is $89 per user.

2. Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder is an inexpensive program that offers many features from which teams can create designs for Web pages or apps and share. A typical menu (with the features””Close”,”Save project”, etc open”), the mockups can be created or edited. many features for the teams such as create designs for websites or apps and share them.

With the comment function individual parts of projects can be commented which thing help the mutual exchange. In Mockup Canvas Finally, all parts of the design can be made ​​more realistic. Of course, the elements can also be moved and resized. They can be laid even one above the other as a beautiful addition! The designs can be then exported to a PNG or PDF file. The program is only $7 per month.

3. Mockingbird

Through the online tool Mockingbird it is easy to create designs for web pages and applications, to share cooperate together and share it with others. In this way you can decide first what you exactly want to implement, before starting the implementation. The feature makes it possible to consult directly with the customers and to brainstorm in the team, which thing enables even better products.
The program has UI element and customizable grid structures (grids), which can be used to shape the draft. All can be reduced or increased depending on demand. As with other programs, the individual designs to PDF or PNG files can be exported.

4. Graphics programs

When it comes to creating mockups, then the graphic arts programs must be mentioned quite clearly also as a possibility. While this may not be as simple to edit by different users as the above mentioned, it is a good way to create designs or the final version.
Besides the well-known Photoshop , Adobe Fireworks it also considered by many web designers .The advantage of the latter is that draft sequences can be automatically converted into CSS, so that the programmation of the web page are made easier. However, both programs are relatively costly. If you prefer still good and free programs, GIMP is also preferred.. The program offers pretty good quality results and is comparable to Photoshop.

5. Pencil

Pencil is an intuitive online program for creating mockups, which has numerous built-in form collections. Thus, designs and also flowcharts can be very easily created. The special function, that should be interesting, is the possibility of export to a Web page. These designs can be online fairly realistically and evaluated. Also, the individual pages can be linked with each other.
Pencil is free and thus a super tool for all those who do not often need to create mockups and therefore do not want extra expenses!

We hope that these tools can help you a little further on the way to a top website. It is always pleasure for MIK Agency to submit proposals on the basis of our experience and expertise. Simply get in touch with us to book an appointment or receive an offer.