Creating a website is usually a process that needs to be thought through and can not be completed within a single day. Everyone wants to create great designs that are unique, corresponding to the branding guidelines of the companies and which are easily navigable. That’s why it is worth to use so-called mockups.

But what is a mockup? A mockup is a design which aims to make the vision of a future as large as possible detailed in the web page. It is possible to discuss design options in the team, it is fast and makes it easy to create as many versions as you want, and then select the best one. Continue Reading →

Get The Best Web Design Quote in Zurich.

To create and maintain a good Website is usually quite expensive. Nevertheless, a website in today’s age of Web 2.0 is essential, much more customers can be reached or acquired. Therefor MIK Agency has created an offer package that is ideal for even small budget which can be extended flexibly at any time. And the best part is that no start investments are necessary. This is MIK Agency’s offer by far the best web design offer throughout Zurich! Continue Reading →

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your business

SEO includes strategies and techniques to empower and improve your website visibility in search engines, when people need to buy something they always prefer search engines for finding the informations needed. If you are doing things right, SEO can be an amazing weapon for your business. Continue Reading →