Increase Online Sales with Web Analytics

Web analytics involves gathering, converting, analyzing, and reporting user traffic data in order to understand and optimize Web site usage. Anyone with a Web site can benefit from this information. At the simplest level, it’s useful to know what kind of traffic a site gets. But if used correctly, analytics can go well beyond that. Web analytics can be the key to developing a successful strategy to drive more traffic through a site, build awareness for a brand, and generate more business.

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E-commerce Website for running your business

Your website plays a major role in the success of your e-commerce business. The website must be professional, attractive and easy navigated from your visitors.
They say “You never get a second chance to make a First Impression”. Think about it?! – Your website is the first experience that customers have with your business.

A good online business website should be easy to install and customize, easy to maintain, have the useful features even in the basic free application, allow for good SEO practices, have variety of plugins, and give you access to analytics and reporting tools.

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B2B Lead Generation – Should I aim for quantity or quality? Why?

Good question, we are often asked. This is really more of a budgeting and bandwidth question than anything else. Everyone wants a boatload of super high quality leads and lots of them however two considerations to keep in mind is that typically, high quality and high quantity often don’t go hand in hand. The best solution is to find a hybrid of the two based upon the budget at hand and what your criteria is for a high quality lead.

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